Tower of Fantasy: All New Under the Grand Sea Vehicles and How To Get Them

It’s safe to say everyone has been patiently waiting for action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy to update their latest patch: Version 2.4, Under the Grand Sea. So what exactly does this entail? Obviously, new Simulacra, maps, bosses, and new shiny toys called vehicles. This is not just your everyday vehicle. It’s an underwater vehicle; it works underwater. And you better believe you’ll need it!

Tower of Fantasy’s Under the Grand Sea update is a mystical and magical place to explore, but it will often feel like you’re suspended in the air (underwater). So to make things easier (much easier), you can obtain three types of Vehicles that will get you from the Grand Sea Island to Innars in no time! So, without further ado, follow this guide to learn about all new vehicles and how to get them in Tower of Fantasy‘s Under the Grand Sea.

All New Under the Grand Sea Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will soon release their new update, Version 2.4: Under the Grand Sea. This update will include new content, and (because we’re now under the sea) vehicles. In total, there are three new vehicles shaped like various marine life you can obtain. They are Diamond Wings, Vision Sphere, and Sunfish. While you may think getting these Vehicles will be easy, you are in for a big surprise. Don’t worry, though; we have you covered!  

Note: Although these vehicles will look really cool on land, they can only be used during underwater exploration.

How To Get All Vehicles

You must complete three tasks to get each vehicle in Tower of Fantasy Under the Grand Sea. While some can be pretty easy, others will require some RNG luck! 

Diamond Wings

Tower of fantasy under the grand sea vehicle mounts

To get the Diamond Wings vehicle in Tower of Fantasy Under the Grand Sea, you must collect various World Exploration materials to unlock. Once you have collected all your items, you can unlock the Diamond Wings vehicle.

These items are:

  • Diamond Wings: Engine 
  • Diamond Wings: Frame
  • Diamond Wings: Booster Fin

Vision Sphere

tower of fantasy under the grand sea vehicle vision sphere

The Vision Sphere vehicle is shaped similarly to an octopus. Here, Wanderers can sit inside the main compartment as they traverse Under the Grand Sea. To unlock this vehicle, you must collect two items. They are Vision Sphere: Cabin and Vision Sphere: Engine. 

You can get these items by participating in the Mirrioria Gachapon Machines. Unfortunately, these Gachapon Machines can sometimes become quite pricey if you’re on a budget. To stack up on Mira, you can complete Mirroria Funzones, Appointed Research, and Racing.


tower of fantasy under the grand sea vehicle sunfish

Last but not least, we have the Sunfish vehicle. Shaped like a stingray, you can obtain this vehicle by completing the Reflected Whispers Event. Unfortunately, at the current time of writing, we do not have any information on what this event entails. However, as soon as Version 2.4 drops, we’ll have a guide ready and waiting for you!

And with that, we conclude our guide on all new Vehicles and how to get them in the Tower of Fantasy Under the Grand Sea update. If you’re new to the resourceful world of Aida, you can also check out GameLuster’s guide on how to get Germinated Revelation Seeds.

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