Treasure’s Past Games

Our friends at NintendoEnthusiast have put an article detailing some of the best Treasure’s , a close developer to Nintendo, games that they have released to date.

Here is a snippet from Menashe’s Article

In Sin and Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii, released in 2010, we find out that the Creators, called “Gods” in the Japanese version, are these beings that have an odd relationship with mankind. On one hand, they task mankind with protecting Earth from invaders, but on the other hand, they destroy mankind each time they fail to do the job right. So, Isa and Achi both decide to take on the Creators themselves. What resulted was bullet-heaven in a game that’s like an action movie full of sights and incredible scenes. It’s a fan-favorite on the Wii.


You may learn something you didn’t know, like me who wasn’t aware that they worked on Wario’s World on the GameCube

Article Here

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