Triforce Heroes director explains why there is no playable female character

There is an interesting little detail within the upcoming Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes, in the game costumes will play a huge part within the confines of the game, allowing for different abilities and a bit more personalization within the game for the player. But it is the costume side of the game overall that makes things interesting, one of the costumes Link can wear in Triforce Heroes is a dress, and not just any dress, its Zelda’s dress. The fact that Link can wear a dress in the game has brought up the equal rights movements again with people questioning why Triforce Heroes does not feature a playable female character.  This has been the spark of many questions, one which game director Hiromasa Shikata has provided an explanation for.

During an interview with IGN Shikata discussed the decision not to include a female character and allow players to only play as Link. Within this Shikata sites the story of Triforce Heroes as key reasoning to which he had this to say:

I’m going to tell you a little bit about the story quickly and we’ll circle around, here. There’s this kingdom, an event happens, and the king needs heroes. So, he puts out a call for heroes to gather and one of those is this guy Link. He sees this audition, basically, ‘Heroes needed; apply here.’ And, that’s the start of his adventure.

The story calls for this sort of legend/prophecy where heroes will come together to help solve a problem. And in that, they are male characters. So, because the game is set with that as the story background, you cannot choose a gender; you are a male character.

I understand what you’re saying (being disappointed), and just as general information, we do have a lot of female staff members who are playing this game and enjoying it. It doesn’t seem to be a big issue to them. They still are getting emotional investment in this game. And to be honest, Link isn’t the most masculine of guys in the world, depending on how you want to project yourself into the character.

If I am being honest the fact there is no female character doesn’t bother me, in fact this is The Legend of Zelda, this series follows our male protagonist so I can’t say a female protagonist (unless we are using Zelda) would actually work in the dynamic of the franchise.


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