Ubisoft announces new IP For Honor

It is always great when we see new propeties shown off at event like E3 something that Ubisoft was very quick to do in their conference. The company today announced a brand new IP titled For Honor. This game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and the game is a hack and slash action title that takes place in the middle ages, featuring massive warfare between knights, vikings and even some feudal Chinese warriors for good measure.

What makes this game interesting from Ubisoft is the fact that this is a genre and type of the game the company has not previously dabbled in showing they want to take risks. This game will feature a new type of gameplay that offers the opportunity to see the dangers of melee combat titled the art of battle. With this you will feel the weight of your weapon in your hand, the crash as you block the attack as well as the impact as you strike and blow.

What makes this more exciting is four player co-op which makes every game better, well most of them.

You can watch the announcement trailer for For Honor below:

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