Ubisoft Announces Trials Rising for February 2019

Ubisoft are the masters of making awkward entrances at this point, and the reveal of the latest Trials game was no different with the developer riding in on a motorbike and falling over on purpose once onstage. All this was in effort to reveal Trials Rising, a game where the purpose is to ride bikes across crazy stunt grounds and get back up every time your character dies.

Trials Rising features much of the same iconic gameplay that fans have come to love and respect in the franchise. Ripe with more death traps for players to encounter and tricky obstacles to overcome, it’s another Trials game.

The latest game will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch in February 2019. If you want to check out the game ahead of release, you can sign up to be a beta member on the official Trials Site. You can check out the trailer for the latest Trials experience below for more crazy stunt action.

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