Ubisoft wants Watch Dogs to sell more then 6.3 million units

Expecting really good sales is a big thing in game sales and asking that a specific amount be sold is also really big and that is exactly what Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot wants from Watch Dogs. At a financial meeting held earlier today Yves stated that Ubisoft would like to see their big upcoming game Watch Dogs sell more then 6.3 million units. This is all in the hopes that Ubisoft can match the success found in the very first Assassins Creed game in their new open world game.

The publisher announced earlier today that Watch Dogs is the most pre-ordered new IP in Ubisoft’s history.

So if that is true then Ubisoft has a chance to reach the sales it is after, the game is on every home console so when looked at these sales seem highly likely, not to mention I can only hope the Wii U game sells well when it appears later this year so maybe it will sell better then expected by quite a lot. I honestly would not be surprised though if it sells 6.3 million copies in the first couple of days though.

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