Ultimate Chicken Horse Comes to PS4

Christmas may, in fact, come just in time for those who own or recently purchased a PlayStation 4. Rejoice and console yourself in the knowledge that Ultimate Chicken Horse is coming to your platform next week, on December 12.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party game with a simple concept: reach the end of the level before anyone else at any cost, even your sanity or friendship. The game, itself, is a simple platformer with unlockable character assets and levels. The fun derives not from winning, but from engineering the level in such a way as to make winning almost impossible. Test not only your friendship as you contrive death traps, place obstacles, and remove the additions of your friends, but also your platforming skills and ability to function under pressure.

But releasing for PlayStation isn’t all that’s in store for Ultimate Chicken Horse. The release coincides with the “Elephantastic Update”, a content patch that will add an elephant character as well as new levels and traps. PC players may want to dust off their Skype or Discord list and reconcile their previous differences if they wish to relive the past in a volcano or jungle while playing as the elephant character; and then never speak to their friends again afterwards, of course.

Previously, Ultimate Chicken Horse sold about half a million copies on PC and holds a ninety-seven percent newest review rating, for whatever that’s worth. So if you own a PS4 and would like to end all your friendships in hilarious and enjoyable fashion, you can do no worse than omit Ultimate Chicken Horse from your Christmas list.

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