Uncharted movie delayed yet again

Movie’s based on videogames have a rough time, firstly the fanbase for the games often find watching the movie to be almost unbearable, it is easy to say that it isn’t easy to translate something from an interactive medium to a sit back and watch medium. For this we see many movies planned that are based on games struggling with directors and actors frequently dropping out and instead leaving them in a state of purgatory. One of the strongest examples of the current moment is the highly anticipated movie based on the Uncharted franchise, for years this movie has been in the works but numerous things have set the movie back. First the lead actor dropped out of the project and then it has also lost two directors, things looked promising for the movie when Sony announced the release date of June 10th 2016, but recently the film has lost a third director pushing things back even more.

Sony has now announced a delay for the movie pushing from its original release back to June 30th 2017, in part based on how things are going I don’t think we should expect much from this movie and I would not hold your breath for this release to hold.

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