Unravel director open to an NX port

In the past few weeks Unravel has been a big deal across the Playtation 4 and Xbox One, this adorable little game has proven to be devious and enjoyable and by extention a game that most want to get their hands on. Of course if you are in the Nintendo fanbase then you can’t get the game on your system as it is not on the Wii U and likely never will be, but there is hope for the NX. GamingBolt recently spoke with Coldwood Interactive’s Martin Sahlin, the director who worked on Unravel.

When asked if he’d be interested in bringing the game to NX, Sahlin said:

“I wish I knew more about it, but they’re really secretive about it. I actually had a really fun discussion with a person from Nintendo a while back. It was basically ‘I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours’ (laughs). So he wanted me to pitch something for the NX, and then he could tell me more about what it was. But basically, it’s kind of hard to pitch something when you don’t even know what it is! So if you manage to guess it right, we’ll tell you what it is. So, I don’t know. But I am just as curious as everybody else to see what they’ve been making.”

EA was actually the publisher behind Unravel so they would probably need EA’s assistance in this case, however with recent rumor’s of EA and Nintendo breaking away from the Wii U feud there may be a chance.

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