Untitled Goose Game is Getting a Physical Release with Goodies for Switch and PS4

Skybound Games, iam8bit, Panic, and House House have announced a collaboration to bring a physical, boxed version of the award-winning and immensely popular Untitled Goose Game to players around the world, almost one full year after the disastrous bird made its home on consoles worldwide.

The physical edition of the game will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, and is currently up for pre-order, with plans to ship in late September. The boxed version includes some extra goodies: a official “No Goose” sticker; an 11″x17″ map of the village drawn by Marigold Bartlett, an artist and game developer from Melbourne; and a copy of the Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalog, which is a 24-paged catalog “featuring useful items and objects a goose might like to collect”. Both editions are available on the Skybound website for US and international customers, and on some other websites internationally, including Amazon UK. The PS4 edition retails for $29.99, and the Nintendo Switch version for $34.99.

The gööse is lööse.
The physical game with the goodies it includes.

There is also a special “Lovely Edition” exclusive to iam8bit.com. The Lovely Edition includes different box art and, for the PS4 version, eco-friendly cardboard packaging. According to the announcement, this eco-friendly packaging is the “first of its kind” for the PS4. Both the Standard and Lovely Editions include the village map, catalogue, and sticker. The Lovely Edition retails for $34.99 for the PS4 version and $39.99 for the Nintendo Switch version.

IMG 20200720 131900
The eco-friendly PS4 box.


Fans can also pick up a physical copy of the soundtrack to the game on iam8bit.com, produced by Gotta Groove Records and Dan Golding. The soundtrack is different than usual because the way the music is generated in-game is unique, based off the actions the player takes. To simulate this, the vinyl is “double-grooved,” meaning that the path the music takes will be random each time the vinyl is played. The record itself is made of salvaged vinyl that is ground up and reformed, producing a randomly colored disc each time. The company says they thought this “grind” vinyl was fitting for Untitled Goose Game, “considering the Goose’s penchant for collecting junk”. The sleeve for the vinyl is also made from eco-friendly materials. The purchase of the soundtrack also donated to the Carbon Fund to equal out the costs of production. The soundtrack is slated to release in the final quarter of this year.

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I wonder if it includes any honks.
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