Valve’s VR Headset Teased on Steam Website

It looks like Valve, developer and owner of PC storefront giant Steam, is throwing their hat in the virtual-reality ring.

Valve teased their new headset, called the Index, on the Steam official website with a picture of what looks like the underside of the device. The picture is stamped with the words “Upgrade your experience. May 2019.” No further information was given, other than that we’ll know more in May.

Toward the top of the picture, there are what appear to be cameras on the front of the headset, likely used to let the user see what’s in front of them. This could also mean that augmented reality could be implemented as well. Toward the middle of the picture, we see the bottom of the headset with equipped with a dial on the left side, and a button on the right.

The dial is most likely used to focus the image users see in the lenses, while the button could simply be the power switch. Toward the center of the image is the pad for the nose, made much more visible in this brightened image via The Verge.

It can only be assumed that we’ll get exact specifications on the headset in May.

Valve had previously collaborated with HTC on the Vive and later on said that it was developing three games optimized for virtual reality in February 2017. Rumors that Valve had been working on a headset started swirling in November, when shots of the headset in production were leaked (via Polygon).

What do you think of Valve jumping into VR? Is there room in the market for another headset? Sound off in the comments below!

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