Although Watch Dogs was met with mixed critical exception we all still expected a sequel to arrive at some point, and interestingly it seems Watch Dogs 2 is in development.

What makes this interesting is that original games senior gameplay programmer seems to have accidentally let loose the knowledge that Watch Dogs 2 is indeed in development. The LinkedIn profile of Julien Risse, who works at Ubisoft Paris had the unnannounced sequel to Watch Dogs listed on his profile, whoops. This was also alongside the original Watch Dogs as well as the Bad Blood downloadable content, this was since removed but thanks to VideoGamer we have a screenshot of the profile which proves Watch Dogs 2 is in development.


The game has yet to be officially announced but there had previously been suggestions that the game was coming. We know nothing about the upcoming game but the developers have previously stated that if any sequel was to be made the team would need to take risks as the original game was flawed as they admitted.

I imagine now we know the game is in development we could hear something at E3 or by the end of the year seems quite likely.

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