Weekly Game Trivia Call of Duty Ghosts movie reference

To celebrate this weeks release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I figured why not do a weekly game trivia for a game in the Call of Duty franchise and what better entry then last years Call of Duty Ghosts. We all know I find a lot of things interesting about games and the latest one I have to say is how exactly they reference other things in the entertainment medium such as other games in the case of Retro City Rampage just as an example, or movies in the case of well quite simply a whole lot of things. One of the interesting ones is just how some games tie in with movie sequences or themes of movies. Often this is done because a movie is similar to a section of the game or a movie shares a lot in common with the game. Regularly we find this happening as is this case with a section in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign which is:

During the campaign mission “All or Nothing”, the player must defend an American aircraft carrier from the Federation. Eventually, the player must jump across to a platform aboard a carrier vessel. A short slow-motion segment presents itself where they are preparing to execute Private Ryan. This is a reference to the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

So do you know any other movie references in a Call of Duty game let us know in the comments.

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