Why I Deleted Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go initially garnered huge interest and generated thousands of memes. However, I have deleted it. Growing up on Pokémon and playing Pokémon Leaf Green as my first game inspired me to download it. But, like any other mobile game, there were downsides that stifled my long-term interest.

I got tired of seeing the same Pokémon no matter how much I walked. I also was annoyed when the game would close out or heat up your phone, causing you to lose a rare Pokémon. For instance, I was going to catch a Slowbro at the riverfront in my town, but lost the chance to catch it because of these technical issues.

Making Pokémon Go Plus was a good idea for Nintendo to renew interest, but it was priced at $34.99. Why pay that much for a mobile game? Buying a console Pokémon game would’ve been more fulfilling at that kind of price.

Inspiring people to exercise more was a good intention but not great in practice. Nintendo also waited too long to release legendary Pokémon. Legendaries have been released long after I deleted my app. I downloaded it again and it’s still the same: too expensive to get more pokéballs.

At first, all was going well for Pokémon Go, though I thought of it, “Pokémon Go away.” The game seems to be more appealing to younger kids, people that had low expectations, or those who hadn’t played Pokémon before. The download numbers and hype was huge for longtime Pokémon fans, but this positive wave died down, especially after the Pokémon Go Fest tickets all had to be refunded because there were too many people there for the cell phone service to handle.

Despite initial excitement, I deleted Pokémon Go because of underwhelming execution and overwhelming expense. It’s some fun initially, but this wears off as you realize it’s just another shallow mobile game.

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