Wii U Games Will Be $60

Nintendo director of marketing Bill Trinen spoke with GameSpot and  officially announced the MSRP price for Wii U software will match that of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360- $59.99. That’s a ten dollar increase from the Wii’s current starting price of $49.99.

The price announcement probably isn’t unexpected, but one unusual incident caused a little confusion. Retailers like Amazon and GameStop had upcoming Wii U games listed at an insane $100. Nintendo straightened out the problem with a statement saying, “Retailers are beginning their presale activity, but given there is no official software price, they are using fictitious prices.”

The launch date for the Wii U console will be November 18 and will sell for $299. Europe can expect the new device on November 30 and Japan a little over a week later on December 8. The U will be available in two models. One is the basic white 8GB $299 bundle, and the other is the $350 32GB deluxe black model.

CNET does a great job summing up the details including some information about Nintendo TVii at a preview event in New York.

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