Will the Dr. Mario amiibo be compatible with Splatoon?

Nintendo’s Amiibo’s are fascinating things and have proven to have a whole lot of varying use in both good and not so good ways. One of the most interesting ones to come is the Splatoon Amiibo’s which are set to have some interesting use, namely exclusive weapons and other gear for to be used in Nintendo’s upcoming game. However at the current moment we only know about three Amiibo figures that will be compatible with the game, or do we? According to Nintendo’s website the Dr Mario Amiibo for the Super Smash Brothers series will have some form of compatibility within Splatoon.

While I mostly think this is a mistake which is definitely one of the possibilities, it is possible that this is actually real, perhaps unlocking special gear. I think it is unlikely but we won’t know for certain until Nintendo says something.


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