WWE 2K16 My Career Mode Trailer Released!

A lot of WWE fans and gaming fans in general are looking forward to this fall. A lot of video games will be coming out, but one of the most anticipated this year very well could be WWE 2K16. This is set to be the best WWE game of all time.

Last year, WWE fans both liked and hated the game. The WWE career mode was seemingly rushed and terrible to play after a while. It had very limited stories and you could only compete on a few Pay-Per-Views (PPV) a year, and it all ended the moment you won the WWE Championship which then lead to a retirement match.

These are just a few of the changes 2K Sports has made that will be part of WWE 2K16.

  • MyCareer is back, and this time it goes a lot further, all the way to you gaining admission to the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Create a Diva, Create a Show, Create an Arena, and Create a Championship are back in!
  • WWE Universe: Wrestlers can now be booked to multiple shows
  • Three-man commentary team, with John “Bradshaw” Layfield joining King and Cole.
  • Ladder, handicap, and tornado tag match types added back in.
  • No loading screens between entrances, and you can assault opponents during their entrance!
  • Improved ref and manager AI.


Let us know what yo think of the new additions and changes to WWE 2k16!

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