Xbox Adaptive Controller Makes New Horizons Accessible to All

In 2018, Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller with the goal of making games more accessible to fans with limited mobility. It was specifically designed to be as compatible as possible with all systems and devices, in order to help gamers design a play experience that works for them.

Recently, the controller has allowed one inspiring fan to enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Becky Tyler, who goes by EyeGazeGirl on Twitter, is a gamer, artist, and disability advocate who is thoroughly enjoying New Horizons’ peaceful island life.

Becky shared photos of her gaming setup, which features the Xbox Adaptive Controller. She uses her head and hand to control the switches while moving the joystick with her chin.

Becky’s setup was created with the help of Special Effect, a UK-based charity that works to support gamers with physical disabilities. Another Becky — Becky Frost, a charity streamer who works with Special Effect — and the group’s occupational therapist Nomi hosted a Twitch stream specifically discussing accessibility in New Horizons. Videos from the stream can be viewed on Special Effect’s official Twitch channel found here.

Additionally, you can show your love for Special Effect and their work with a shirt and hoodie featuring the organization’s logo, made exclusively for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and designed by Twitter user NobbyWalker. NobbyWalker shared the codes to download these fashionable pieces in a Tweet:

Becky’s island experience has even caught the attention of the head of Xbox Phil Spencer. On his own Twitter account, Spencer described Becky in a single word: “inspiring.” The official Xbox twitter also congratulated Becky and expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to her gaming experience.

We hope that the Xbox Adaptive Controller will continue to bring Animal Crossing: New Horizons to gamers all around the world. This fun, friendly tropical life simulator is exactly what everyone needs in these difficult times.

Becky, if you see this, we hope you continue to enjoy your New Horizons experience. Have a happy island adventure and congratulations from all of us!

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