Xbox Games With Gold Offerings Revealed for May 2018

As April quickly draws to a close, Microsoft has come forward with their usual announcements for the next month with their Games With Gold. So what games can people expect to be playing in May? Well, there are some big games that might grab your attention, so let’s see what Microsoft has on offer for you.

The Xbox One starts out with the simple Super Mega Baseball 2. Baseball fans can enjoy the sport in a game that improves upon the original in a variety of ways. This might not appeal to many Games With Gold subscribers but if it does, you can get this game for the whole of May. From May 16th until June 15th you will be able to get the well-loved Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If you have been a subscriber of this service since August 2015, then you can finally have access to the full Metal Gear Solid V experience thanks to the previous availability of Ground Zeroes.

On the Xbox 360 side, you can look forward to Streets of Rage for the first half of May. Streets of Rage is the entire collection netting you not one, but three quality beat-em-ups, and fans of the genre should be thrilled to play these classic games. Finally, the latter half of May will provide 360 owners with Platinum Games’ Vanquish. This game merges various games styles such as 3D shooters and beat-em-ups to create a much loved game in Platinum’s library.

Don’t forget that these games are all available for the Xbox One offering a month of distinct quality on nearly all fronts.

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