Xbox Live Accounts Will Be Deleted After 5 Years Of Inactivity

In the most recent amendment to Microsoft’s service agreement, a 5 year login condition has been created to stop inactive accounts from hogging server space. For most of our readers this won’t be a problem, but if you haven’t logged in since 2011, you may want to do so before September 15th or you can kiss your Gamertag goodbye.

Once a Gamertag has been deleted, it will be available for use by anyone to choose when creating an account.

We would like to stress that the deletion of the Gamertag does not mean that the user will lose their account OR the content attached to it. The only part of the account that will be deleted is the GamerTag.

Microsoft stated in an overview of the changes, that cover all Microsoft services including Xbox Live and Skype.

“We’ve also added that if your account is compromised, we may be required to disable access to certain content. In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve added a prohibition on posting terrorist content,” which is good, “and an explanation of our Code of Conduct for Xbox users.”

Although this amendment doesn’t change much of the details, we still recommend that our readers check the terms and conditions before they accept them.

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