Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Fixes New Game+ Bugs

Monolith Soft has released a new update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which mainly fixes problems with the game’s New Game+ mode. Now, an NPC named Momoni has been added to Chapter One of New Game+, who will restore the player’s money one time. Momoni will also help when the player is unable to buy an Abyss Vest at the beginning of the game, or is unable to send funds due to a lack of money on-hand; both of these actions are required to progress. The difficulty of some of the boss battles in Chapter 10 of New Game+ has also been changed so that they reflect Rex’s level.

Other fixes to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 include being able to advance in certain quests that players would find themselves unable to continue in. Also fixed was an issue where the minimap and compass would not display, and fast travel with the X button would become unavailable. The update addressed a problem with crafting field skills, such as “Pyra’s Cooking,” that would not let the player continually make things.

Players can now download the second Expansion Pass quest. A notification page has also been added to the main menu that contains information about the Expansion Pass.

The full patch notes for Xenoblade Chronicle 2’s new update can be read here.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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