Yesterday Origins Announced for Nintendo Switch

Microïds is bringing plenty of its published games to the Nintendo Switch, with the previous release of the first two Syberia games and even more on the way. Among this lineup of games, the publisher is set to bring Pendulo Studios’ Yesterday Origins to the system. Yesterday Origins will be available on Switch on May 31, and it’s set for both a physical and digital release.

Yesterday Origins arrived on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One back in 2016, gaining respect for its gameplay and dark, thrilling narrative that saw players take on the role of John Yesterday. He undergoes an alchemic ritual that makes him immortal, however it doesn’t go as planned. Each time he is resurrected he loses his memory, only retaining flashes of his previous lives. In the modern era, he is living with his also immortal girlfriend who retains her memory with each life, and they must work together to find the secrets of the past and help John permanently keep his memories. You can see a trailer for the Switch version below.

The story may sound a little over the top, but Yesterday Origins looks like an interesting game no matter what platform you choose to play on. Switch owners, however, might not want to pass up on this unique-sounding game.

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