Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Releasing on April 27

Nintendo has announced that a new update will release for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on April 27th.

Monolith Soft director Tetsuya Takahashi gave details for the new update via a production note (translated by Gematsu). The update will include two new Rare Blades. The first is called Poppibuster, and can only be obtained by those who have purchased the game’s Expansion Pass. While Poppi is an artificial Blade exclusively for Tora, Poppibuster was designed to be used by other characters. Poppibuster is obtained through a quest, and not through Blade resonance.

The second rare Blade coming in the update is the T-elos Re:. This Blade can be obtained by anyone who has completed the game. In the clear save data, if a star mark can be seen next to the player’s money count in the menu screen, it means that they are good to meet T-elos Re: though Blade resonance. Although it will be a lottery from Core Crystals, the resonance rate has been set higher, allowing players to resonate with T-elos Re: instantly.

Another feature of the update is a new sorting option being added to the menu. Also, during and after a player’s second playthrough, Traveling Bards will be able to trade EXP for Poppi Parts.

It was also announced that starting in May, Monolith Soft plans to add new quests, Rare Blades, challenge battles, an “Extreme” difficulty mode, and more, for users who have purchased the Expansion Pass.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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