Yanim studios talk Red Goddess and Wii U features

Recently Yanim studios relaunched its Kickstarter campaign for its potentially upcoming game Red Goddess, we are only a few days into the games campaign but the game is already doing quite well for itself. Yanim Studios seeked to raise $30,000 on its campaign as it stands right now the game is a third of the way into its campaign and I doubt at this point in time it will fail. The game will then after development launch onto the Wii U eShop and the Playstation store.

Nintendo Life spoke with the folks over at Yanim about a number of topics, including how the Wii U release of Red Goddess will different from the other versions. Creative director Yannick Puig told the site:

The Wii U version will be optimized to take advantage of what the console has to offer. Right now, we’re considering placing a map and all of the UI elements on the screen of the Wii U Gamepad so that the TV only displays the game, and we’ll also offer the option of playing the game completely in Off-TV mode, which is a great feature that allows people to continue playing if the TV is not available. On top of that, we’re considering other things such as using the touch screen for quick access to some of Divine’s skills, as well as for other abilities and options we can’t discuss right now but will potentially reveal.

Puig also commented on why the studio decided to bring its game to Wii U:

We decided to bring Red Goddess to the Wii U because we believe that Nintendo’s audience will love what this game has to offer. The detailed environments and characters, the fast-paced action, the platforming mechanics, and everything that the Red Goddess universe has to offer is something that fans desire for Nintendo’s latest console, and it’s something that we want to provide for them.

Well I believe as good an excuse as any and it is great to see a game that the developers are thinking of the Wii U so highly for, and how they plan to use the gamepad sounds good to me, now I really want to check out this game on my Wii U, but I will have to wait.

If you want to support Red Goddesses Kickstarter you can do so here.

Source: Nintendo Life

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