Yarn Yoshi returns as Yoshi’s Wooly World

Yarn Yoshi hearing that name might be leaving you scratching your head wondering what I am on about and to e completly honest I would not blame you for thinking that. Nintendo first announced Yarn Yoshi sometime in early 2013 and when it was announced people were quite amused by the idea unfortunately this really was the last we saw and heard from it in quite a long time, until now. During today’s Digital Event Nintendo brought to light the idea of Yarn Yoshi again showing us footage of the game while the developers talked about the game. Since it was originally announced the game has received a change of name and is know known as Yoshi’s Wooly World.

During the Digital Event we finally got to see some actual gameplay for the game. Basically the game play’s very traditionally as you throw eggs and do all the standard Yoshi abilities, however the developers do mention that Wooly World does go a step further with the idea of wool entirely new ideas have been formed and have built upon the fabric of the game to make it even more enjoyable. I think the developer story in the video below will describe things better then me so I suggest you go and have a watch.

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