Palutena is ready to fight in the new Smash Brothers

You may remember a while back there was rumours going around about Palutena from the Kid Icarus series being a playable fighter, these rumours al started after a few images were leaked of a picture of Palutena in the game with design and all and I can know confirm that these rumours are true as Nintendo showed at the very last second of their presentation. I am sure after the original Super Smash Brothers announcement of Mii’s ended some fans were saddened by the lack of other characters, but that was okay as Nintendo got us to see everything else and then something extra. Palutena has decided to join the fight and will use her heavenly powers and capabilities to fight the good fight and represent the Kid Icaurus series. I am looking forward to seeing how she plays on the Wii U version and seeing if I might have a new favourite character.

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