Yoshi spotted on the Japanese Mario Maker website

Need more Yoshi in your life and you already know Yoshi’s Wooly World is not going to cut it? If you are one of these people then you should be happy to know that we could be seeing Yoshi make an appearance in the upcoming Wii U game Mario Maker. This is currently being teased by the Mario Maker website where Yoshi himself has been spotted quite easily might I add, while this does not officially confirm Yoshi to be in the game it does raise hope.

It would seem silly to not see Yoshi appear and be part of Mario Maker as the character did have quite a presence in Super Mario World as well as New Super Mario Brothers U which are two game styles that are being used in the game. I don’t imagine if Yoshi is in the game we will have access to him in creating levels in the Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3 styles but it would be silly of him not to appear in the game. Hopefully this is a definite which I would gladly welcome.

It is also worth noting if the website is telling us what will appear in the game that the Kuribo’s Shoe item can also be seen so it could also appear. Of course we will not officially know until Nintendo makes an official announcement sometime in the future.

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