Did anyone ever think Yoshi could become anymore adorable? I for one never thought in my wildest dreams it could be possible but Yoshi’s Wooly World is proof that you can make the adorable dinosaur creature and even the world that surrounds him even more pleasing on the eye. This had already been proven previously with screenshots and even trailers but I think the newest batch to grace our eyes show off just how wonderful this game really looks with its distinct wool or knitted styling’s, you can please your eyes as well by looking at the latest batch of screenshots for the game below:

yoshi-1 yoshi-2  yoshi-5yoshi-6yoshis-woolly-world-656x369  yoshi-7 yoshi-8 yoshi-9yoshi-4Could this be a trick on the eye, or do we have a full 3D hub world? I cannot say for certain but this does seem to be implied in this screenshot, however I don’t think this will be the case, rather it would be level selection on a 2D plain.

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