Yoshi’s Wooly World to have further Amiibo usage with connection to Mario Amiibo and more

Amiibo figures are set to have a bigger usage in Yoshi’s Wooly World then we previously imagined, at the start of April it was revealed that Nintendo had special Yoshi Amiibo’s in the works that were plush and these were cool and I really want one. However that is not it we also know that the regular Yoshi Amiibo should work the same as the plush Amiibo’s. But thanks to the Australian box art for the game we know know more about it, earlier today the back of the Australian box was revealed and with it comes new information such as the ability to use the Mario, Luigi, Peach and other unspecified Amiibo’s with the game. Based on the box they seem to be purely cosmetic changes in the game based on the Amiibo scanned but there could still be some special features we could find out about closer to launch, we will have to wait and see.

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