“Ys Origin” Released On Switch

The action RPG Ys Origin has received a remaster from French developer Dotemu, who recently put out Streets of Rage 4, and is now available on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch.

Set seven centuries before the events in the first two Ys RPGs, Ys Origin finds the realm of Ys under assault from an endless army of demons who are building the Devil’s Tower, an incredible siege tower to reach the realm which was lifted into the clouds by the twin Goddesses who ruled Ys. Now, the Goddesses have disappeared, and the only place they could have gone would be right into the Devil’s Tower itself.  Players can take up the role of apprentice knight Yunica Tovah, tormented sorcerer Hugo Fact, or fallen hero Toal Fact as they follow the Goddesses into the Tower and try to save the realm from invasion. They must gather powerful relics, navigate deadly environments, and go toe-to-toe with boss monsters which are not only big and mean, but smart as well.

For the Switch remaster, Dotemu has worked to update the various modes while keeping the mix of platforming, puzzles, and fast paced action.  In addition to updating the Story, Time Attack, and Arena Modes, Dotemu has created a new Speedrun Mode to give players an exciting challenge. For those who apparently want a more lighthearted journey through a demon horde, there’s also a “Blood Level” option to let players select the level of gore they experience. Beyond the new mode, Dotemu has promised they’ve added some polish to the game to bring it up to current standards and make Ys Origin shine in the way it was always meant to be experienced.

The game comes out with language support for English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. It can be picked up on the eShop for $19.99 USD.

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