Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom How To Get Barbarian Armor

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, Link is able to unlock and find some pretty amazing pieces of armor that can grant him very impressive stat bonuses like stealth, attack, and even gliding control bonuses. One of the best in the game so far is The Barbarian Armor set. The Barbarian Armor will grant Link an attack bonus. They’re scattered around Hyrule, hidden within caves that require you to test your might at every turn possible.

In this guide, we will guide you through the process of finding the armor pieces that make up the Barbarian Armor.

How To Get The Barbarian Armor

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To the east of Hyrule Castle within the Crenel Hills (1846, -0965, 8115)  is the aptly named Crenel Hills Cave. At the mouth of the Cave is a cluster of Luminous stones that will brightly light up in the nighttime.

This Cave challenge is probably the most simple one in the quest to get this armor set! Walking into the cave will reveal a huge open area with breakable rocks around the crater in the middle.

Make your way to the center of the crater to fight the Stone Tallus who is guarding the room to the Barbarian Armor.

There’s a group of breakable stones halfway up the wall, break them and you will finally be able to open up the chest to the Barbarian Armor. One down, two to go!

Where To Get Barbarian Leg Wraps

The Barbarian Leg Wraps can be found within Walnot Mountain Cave (4257, -1700, 0180), directly southeast of the Restam Forest. You can easily access this area by gliding from the east side of Hateno Village.  This cave has a lot of Horriblins climbing on the ceiling so make sure to bring as many arrows as you possibly can. When you shoot a Horriblin, they’ll fall off the roof and then they can be easily attacked.

Once you’re done with the Horriblins, make your way further into the cave until you see an Ice Like. Kill the Ice Like with any fire elemental weapon that you have access to or even just by whacking it’s eye that pops out. Once it’s dead you can jump across this little extension of land to where the Leg Wraps are. Melt the ice and open your second piece of gear.

Where To Get Barbarian Helmet

The Barbarian Helmet is hiding in Robred Dropoff Cave (2491, -472, 0913) which can be found to the east of Kakariko Village and the cave itself is conveniently located by a sign that reads Robred Dropoff.

This cave is a maze with a fun twist! At the mouth of the cave is a stone slab that reads: “Treasure sleep beyond the path shown by the stone statues,” hinting at what the solution to this puzzle will be.

The first room will reveal to us what the solution to these puzzles will be. In front of Link will be three sets of statues that are facing different directions. The set of statues that are looking towards the path on the right indicates the path of the treasure.

In the second room, there are another three sets of statues all standing around the center of the room. There’s a set that is not facing the same direction as the other ones, break through that wall they’re facing and continue on.

Into the next room is a group of Bokoblins, dispatch them with ease and take note of the two statues facing a grate on the wall. Through the grate is where the treasure is located but no way to it.. unless you make note of the broken rocks in the floor.

Break the rocks and follow the path to the final room where there are three platforms with assorted statues looking at them. Get on the platform that has three statues staring at it and use ascend.

Once in the room you can open the chest and get the Barbarian Helm. Now with all three pieces equipped, you’ll have an attack bonus granted to you.

Is there another armor set you’ve been chasing but haven’t quite grabbed?  Let us know in the comments!

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