Nintendo To Face Class Action Lawsuit Over “Immoral” Microtransactions

Nintendo have found themselves in deep water this week due to a potential class action lawsuit being filed against them. This comes courtesy of a young gamer who, with the help of his father, plans to sue the company as a result of “immoral” micro-transactions included in the Mario Kart Tour mobile game. 

It is no secret that micro-transactions are a quick and easy way for video game companies to make extra money within their titles. However when said micro-transactions are reportedly tricking consumers and being the only way to advance in the game, it is not a good look for the company.

Despite Nintendo being one of the largest game companies in the world, they are not safe from potential lawsuits.

The lawsuit in question will call for all minors who paid to use the “Spotlight Pipes” feature in Mario Kart Tour to receive a refund. This feature was in-game up until last year and it saw players being able to use real money to purchase upgrades. The plaintiff, an anonymous young gamer, reportedly spent over $170 in the game through his father’s linked credit card.

Screenshot detailing the in-game microtransactions for Mario Kart Tour
An excerpt of the lawsuit against Nintendo. (Credit: Axios).

Whilst researching the lawsuit, it was discovered that these micro-transactions are alleged to “violate Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act and California business law.” As a result, the suit was filed back in March but eventually got onto the federal docket last week, according to Axios.

The claim reports that the “defendant’s lootbox mechanism capitalized on and encouraged addictive behaviors akin to gambling” and that minors in particular are susceptible to such mechanics. Despite Nintendo replacing the mechanic with the ability to directly purchase items via the in-game shop, the damage has already been done. 

Nintendo are yet to commend on the class action lawsuit.

Do you agree this lawsuit should go ahead? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news.

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