Zindagi Games names veteran developer Steve Caterson as their new studio Creative Director.

Zindagi Games famous so far for creating mobile games as well as Playstation Move games are in the process of retooling their stuff for more higher end action based titles for the PS4. Steve Caterson being named as their new Creative Director .

Steve Caterson has a Bachelor’s of Science in Product Design from the world leading Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has been developing games for much of his twenty year career starting with developing games for Atari arcade machines. He went on to work with many coin-op game legends developing titles sch as Area 51, Gauntlet Legends, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy. But he is best known for his work on the acclaimed God of War trilogy which he produced at Sony Santa Monica.

 This shows that Zindagi Games is gearing up to produce high quality next generation titles for the Playstation 4. In taking the creative helm Steve hopes for the team to be able to aid Zindagi games in producing AAA gaming titles for years to come.

 “We are thrilled to have such a talented individual take on the role of Creative Director at Zindagi.  In his short time here Steve has proven to have an amazing vision for that game matched only by his drive to take our studio to the next level.” said President of Zindagi Games, Umrao Mayer

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