There’s only a few weeks left until Nintendo terminates the ability to buy eShop games from the Nintendo 3DS. Credit card and eShop card functionality has already been disabled, but there’s another way to add funds to your 3DS. To do this method, you’re going to need a Nintendo Account, a Nintendo Network ID, and either a credit card, PayPal account or Nintendo eShop voucher. You’ve got until March 27, so act fast if you’re planning on it.

An important disclaimer: you need to make sure your Nintendo Account and your Nintendo Network ID are linked together. You can head over the My Nintendo page and log in to your Nintendo account, and then check your connections. Read the Nintendo Network ID that’s connected, and check it matches the same one you can find in your 3DS settings under the Nintendo Network ID section. If it doesn’t, make a new Nintendo Account and merge it with your Nintendo Network ID account using the username on your 3DS. If there’s no link, then press the link button and login to your Nintendo Network ID. Once it’s linked, you’re good to go!


Nintendo Account Shop Menu

The next step is to merge your Nintendo Account funds and Nintendo Network ID funds. Press the ‘Shop Menu’ tab, and then on the new screen, press the ‘Merge Funds’ button on the bottom of the page. If you don’t have this button, your funds may already be merged. If you already did this, there will be some blue text under your funds total at the top of the screen that says ‘Funds merged’ already. Assuming that’s not already done, once you’ve pressed the ‘Merge Funds’ button it’s a straightforward process. It’ll display the Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID funds you’re merging, and confirm it. 

Once they’re merged, all that’s left now is to add some money to your account. Press the ‘Add Funds’ button, choose an amount to the add to the account and pay with your preferred payment method. Then you’re done! The amount will be on your 3DS the next time you log in to the eShop, and you can purchase as many digital titles as you want. Need some help choosing? Read our last-minute 3DS exclusives list right here.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment them below! Stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news and guides.

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4 days ago

nice! works for me

17 hours ago

Lowest amount allowed to add is $10. I just want to spend $6.