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When some of the more traditional gamers hear the words “sport” and “game” together, they have thoughts of their high school gym class struggles. This may be a sort of a stereotype; After all, anyone can be a gamer. However, in popular public thought, gamers aren’t associated with sports.

Sports Game Industry

When considering the popularity and reach of the sports game industry, you eventually realize how ubiquitous these gamers are within the overall community. Sports games reach casual players and non-traditional gamers who don’t typically play games in their daily lives.

Recently, sports gaming in America is thought of as exact carbon copies of sports played in real life. Many popular games feature real-life athletes and teams, which you can follow and keep up to date using the Unibet Indiana online casino and betting site for example. However, many lesser-known sports games offer special features and unique options unique to video games.

Electronic Arts Inc. is the largest sports game publisher by far. EA has had a long history of creating games for console and PC and was founded in 1982.

Some classic gaming fans may be upset with the company’s direction over the past 15 or so years since they started prioritizing sports game development, but their reach is undeniable. They even have a couple of hidden gems which you can read further in the article.

NBA Ballers (PS2, Xbox)

Many people have heard about and played NFL Blitz, however not many people have played NBA Ballers. Created by Midway Games, known for the Mortal Kombat franchise, NBA Ballers released worldwide in 2004.

This game plays the streetball variant of basketball, which is played in larger cities. Create your own character to play one-on-one, two-minute games of fast-paced b-ball.

Sonic Riders (GameCube, PS2, Xbox)

Everyone knows Sonic and Sega, but did you know that Sonic had a racing game before the Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing games. There is no need to mention Sonic R.

Many people consider racing games as a separate genre from sports games, even though racing is a sport. Nonetheless, Sonic Riders takes all of the famous characters from the Sonic games, plus some new faces – like characters from Super Monkey Ball and Nights, and places them on hoverboards to a techno soundtrack. This game is challenging but is well worth the playthrough for any Sonic fan.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (NES)

No list talking about sports games can be complete without mentioning Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Released by Nintendo to critical acclaim, Punch-Out is a gem to the gaming retro community. In fact, the whole Punch-Out franchise, including Super Punch-Out – which is based on the arcade game, along with the Wii title, is worth playing.

boxing gloves

Punch-Out is a mainstay of popular gaming culture, and many people remember longer nights during their childhood trying to beat fighters such as Bald Bull and Mr. Sand Man. Speedrunners even race to see how fast they can beat the game while blindfolded.


Unfortunately, many games were left off this list, so here are some of our other favorites: Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Wrestlemania 2000, Wave Race 64, Super Dodgeball, and NBA Jam. Try out these sports games and leave a comment with any games we missed.

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