Pokemon Unite’s Full Launch Roster Revealed

Pokémon Unite launches on July 21 for Nintendo Switch, and it goes without saying that a lot of fans are hyped for the release. Pokémon and MOBA seem to be a match made in heaven, with such potential for a wide roster of unique Pokémon with their own individual abilities and playstyles. Thankfully, as the game is so close to release, we have the entire list of available Pokémon at launch here. Similar to League of Legends, Pokemon Unite will add new Pokemon fighters over time. Pokémon are listed with their difficulty, playstyle and Unite Move, so read on and start planning your new main!

Cinderace (Novice – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move: Blazing Bicycle Kick, an attack in which Cinderace kicks a giant ball of fire at its opponents, dealing massive damage.


Garchomp (Intermediate – Melee – All-rounder)
Unite Move: Livid Outrage, an attack in which Garchomp gives into its furious rage and attacks its opponents.


Gengar (Expert – Melee – Speedster)
Unite Move: Phantom Ambush, lets Gengar turn invisible on the battlefield.


Cramorant (Expert – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move: Gatling Gulp Missile, it shoots out a flurry of Gulp Missiles at any opposing Pokémon that approach. 


Alolan Ninetales (Intermediate – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move: Snow Globe, an attack in which it creates a blizzard around itself to freeze its opponents.

Alolan Ninetales

Wigglytuff (Intermediate – Ranged – Supporter)
Unite Move: Starlight Recital, provides protection to Wigglytuff and its nearby allies.


Machamp (Intermediate – Melee – All-Rounder)
Unite Move: Barrage Blow, an attack in which Machamp rushes forward and unleashes a combo attack on opponents in front of it


Absol (Expert – Melee – Speedster)
Unite Move: Midnight Slash, an attack in which Absol slashes and throws opposing Pokémon while dealing great damage to them.


Slowbro (Intermediate – Ranged – Defender)
Unite Move: Slowbeam, locks opponents in place, but Slowbro itself also becomes unable to move.


Mr. Mime (Intermediate – Melee – Supporter)
Unite Move: Showtime!, a mysterious pantomime that stuns opponents in the area around it.

Mr. Mime

Venusaur (Intermediate – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move: Verdant Anger, an attack that shoots out a powerful seed bomb that scatters and damages Pokémon all around.


Lucario (Expert – Melee – All-Rounder)
Unite Move: Aura Cannon, a move that sends out an aura blast that deals massive damage to opponents.


Talonflame (Novice – Melee – Speedster)
Unite Move: Flame Sweep, an attack in which Talonflame charges forward over a long distance while cloaked in flame, shoving its opponents aside.


Eldegoss (Novice – Ranged – Supporter)
Unite Move: Cotton Cloud Crash, an attack that lifts Eldegoss into the air to slam down onto the ground, restoring HP to allies and dealing damage to opposing Pokémon.


Greninja (Expert – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move, Waterburst Shuriken: an attack in which Greninja deals massive damage to opponents by throwing a huge water shuriken down on them from above.


Crustle (Novice – Melee – Defender)
Unite Move: Rubble Rouser, Crustle covers itself in a swirl of rocks and keeps its opponents from getting anywhere near it.


Snorlax (Novice – Melee – Defender)
Unite Move: Power Nap, an attack in which Snorlax nods off and can roll around in its sleep to attack its opponents.


Charizard (Novice – Melee – All-Rounder)
Unite Move: Seismic Slam, an attack in which Charizard aims for and grabs one opposing Pokémon before bringing it up into the air and slamming it down to the ground.


Pikachu (Novice – Ranged – Attacker)
Unite Move: Thunderstorm, an attack that blasts all surrounding opposing Pokémon with powerful lightning.


Zeraora (Expert – Melee – Speedster)
Unite Move: Plasma Gale, sends out a powerful electric blast that creates a field of lightning around the area where the blast hits.



We hope you’re looking forward to Pokemon Unite as much as we are! Who are you going to main?

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