3D Realms Hosts “Realms Deep” Event For Fans, Charity

3D Realms, one of the iconic developers and publishers in PC gaming during the 90s, has just announced a two-day event called Realms Deep 2020. Scheduled for September 5-6, the event will be featuring world premieres of new titles in development, interviews with notable personalities, a Child’s Play charity drive, and much more.

A more detailed breakdown of the event indicates the range of activities and information being presented.

    • Interviews – Some of the interviewees slated for Realms Deep include John Romero (DOOM, Daikatana, Empire of Sin), Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal, Gears of War), American McGee (American McGee’s Alice), and Jon St. John (the voice of the original Duke Nuke ’em)
    • World Premieres – 3D Realms is still making games, and the event is undoubtedly going to be showcasing some of the new titles they’ve been working on. But they’re sharing the stage with developers such as Nightdive Studios (currently working on the System Shock remaster) and Running With Scissors (POSTAL series).
    • Celebrity Deathmatch – While the contestant list isn’t up yet, the format is pretty simple.  Noted Quake broadcaster Jehar will be serving as a color commentator while celebrities engage each other in Kingpin: Life of Crime.
    • Other Game News & Updates – Many indie and retro-shooter titles in progress (or close to completion) will showing off and giving gamers the chance to see what they’ve been up to. Titles will include Core Decay, Warfork, Paradox Vector, Retchid, and many more.
    • Child’s Play – During any of the streams happening for this event, viewers can make donations directly to Child’s Play, or they can purchase exclusive merchandise with the proceeds going to the charity.

“Realms Deep 2020 gives us the chance to highlight what we’re working on while showcasing all the badass projects our friends are cooking up,” said Frederik Schreiber, VP at 3D Realms. “It’s been a strange year, but we want to treat this as an awesome casual hangout with our fans and friends.”

Further details about the event can be found by going to 3D Realms’ website.

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