3DS eShop game Steel Empire rated by the USK, finally coming to Europe?

Waiting can be agonizing, often when a game is released in one region we expect that within a couple of weeks, maybe months at the latest we will get our hands on a game that others have had. On the 3DS eShop this has been the case, there are many worthwhile games on the store but for a year Steel Empire has held a place for North American’s as it smiles a sinister smile at Europeans. From what I have heard Teyon Steel Empire is actually a half decent side scroller shooter and the fates finally seem to shining down on Europeans getting to play this game.

Steel Empire recently surfaced on the USK or the German Ratings Board, while this does not mean much it does seem to provide a storing suggestion that the game is finally on its way. Of course we still have no idea when the game will arrive but the suggestion does bring hope, so fingers crossed the game finally arrives in Europe

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