Gravity Rush HD release date pushed forward one week

Delay’s are a frustrating part of the videogame industry and all to often we receive the tragic news that big game we have been waiting for has seen a delay, sadly we often know they are coming we fear them and rarely do we ever see good news. Its not often we hear the good news about about a release date pushed forward so we see it sooner then expected but when this happens it is a sigh of relief. We know the game is expected to be ready sooner then expected and this is exactly the case with Gravity Rush HD for the Playstation 4.

Previously, Gravity Rush HD was scheduled for release in North America on February 9th with a European release following on February 10th. Now the game has been confirmed to be releasing a whole week earlier with both versions becoming available on February 2nd.

The change in release date has not affected the Japanese release which is still slated for December 10th. It is nice to see some good news for once.

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