5 Year Old Recreates Super Mario Bowser’s Fury Using LEGO

The latest title in the Super Mario franchise, the remade Super Mario 3D World, released last month to an excited response from fans. One element which drew praise was the addition of Bowser’s Fury, a brand new mode.

Bowser’s Fury takes place in an open world level known as Lake Lapcat. Using the feline powers which come from the Cat Bell, Mario must clean up the area around the lake and face down his enemy Bowser – only this time, the Koopa King is extra angry and even bigger than ever before! Mario must use the Giga Bell Shrine to unlock a giant mode of his own in order to have even a chance of defeating this extra-large “Fury Bowser”.

A Reddit user going by Dysqo took to the LEGO Mario subreddit to show off an amazing LEGO recreation of Bowser’s Fury, created by the poster’s five-year-old son. The creation combines pieces from the official Super Mario LEGO sets, which were released in 2020 to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, and standard LEGO blocks.

My 5 year old is recreating Bowsers Fury! He made Meowser, Bowser Jr. w his Paint Brush and even a CatShine! When we played thru, he wanted to paint Thwomp and then spit out a mushroom! Ha We both love LEGO Mario!
by u/dysqo in LEGOMario

The LEGO version of Bowser’s Fury features a Cat Suit-wearing Mario facing off against a LEGO Bowser who, while he may not be as huge as his Fury form, is looking extremely fierce in the Tanooki Cap. The 5 year old creator even recreated Cat Shine collectibles and the Giga Bell Shrine by putting stickers and drawing cat faces on red and yellow LEGO blocks. Plus, just like in the game itself, LEGO Mario is assisted by none other than a LEGO version of Bowser Jr., temporarily working against the Koopa King due to his fear of Fury Bowser’s power.

While the LEGO Mario subreddit is still relatively new, the post gained positive attention with fans praising the 5 year old Mario lover’s creativity.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The LEGO Mario sets can be purchased through the official LEGO store. More sets are currently planned to release in the future.

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