50% Off Resident Evil and More on Nintendo Switch eShop

There’s always a sweet deal or two to be found when you buy your Switch titles digitally via the Nintendo eShop. Right now, publisher Nintendo is offering tons of exciting deals on several beloved titles for the internationally famous console.

The Resident Evil Franchise Sale is taking place from June 1 until June 16. Several popular titles in the iconic survival horror franchise are currently available with a discount of 50% or even more. Discounted titles include Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and also the very first, original Resident Evil. Need more Resident Evil in your life after enjoying the recent remake of 3? The eShop has got you covered with enough tense, spooky adventures to last you a lifetime!

Other currently discounted titles include:

    • Hybrid dungeon-crawler and shopkeeping adventure Moonlighting, available for 60% off
    • The entire original Ace Attorney trilogy in one convenient game, available for 50% off
    • Fast-paced rhythm game Runner3, available for an unbeatable 93% off
    • And much, much more!

Plus, you can snag some excellent discounts by pre-purchasing titles, which will release soon on the eShop. These include the racer Super Toy Cars 2, historical tactical simulator Ancestors Legacy, color-based puzzler Hue, and the quite intriguingly titled I dream of you and ice cream. There’s something for everyone!

Make sure to check back regularly on the official Nintendo website for digital purchases to get great new deals releasing all the time. You can also purchase Nintendo eShop gift cards via Amazon and several other retailers.

Which new games will you be picking up during this new sale? Which Nintendo titles do you hope to see discounted on the eShop next? Let us know — and, of course, happy gaming!

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