505 Games has announced the Wii U version of Terraria’s release date, key features also detailed

Re-Logic’s Terraria has arrived on just about every platform possible in the current generation, the game even made its way to Nintendo’s handheld the 3DS earlier this year. But where is the game for the Wii U, we know it was coming but the news of this version fizzled frequently, at least until now. 505 Games has officially revealed the details as to when Wii U owners will be able to get their hands on this game, as well as the key details and features that will come with it.

To start with the most important part the release date, the Wii U version will be arriving on June 24th in Europe, and will follow with a North American launch on June 28th. A key feature is the use of the GamePad’s touchscreen for working on the environments, likely mirroring the 3DS functionality. In addition it’ll have “several multiplayer options such as four-player local split-screen co-op and eight-player online multiplayer”, this is a welcome feature which was not included in the version for Nintendo’s portable.

Miiverse sharing has also been detailed for the game as well as other key features shown through a press release which include:

  • 14 different environments such as eerie dungeons, slippery ice wastes, wild jungles and more;
  • Hundreds of craftable weapons, armor and items;
  • More than 150 enemies ranging from zombies to armies of goblins;
  • Epic boss battles that test players’ combat skills;
  • Vast worlds of exploration that introduce new potions, magic, gear and more.

If you are yet to get into Terraria and you own a Wii U it is recommended you pick up the game whether for yourself or for your child or such. I know I will get this game on the Wii U likely to give a go to myself and share it with my nephews.

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