Aiden Pearce may not be returning for Watch Dogs 2

One common consensus among Watch Dogs players is that original protagonist Aiden Pearce was bland and generic, he was not that great a character and this hurt the game. So it may come as good news to know that Watch Dogs may be replacing him with a new protagonist for the upcoming sequel.

Nerdleaks spotted a peculiar post by actor Cort King. The actor uploaded an image to Instagram wherein it shows a 3D character model of a man with glasses and a bandanna, on its own its pretty harmless but the message with it revealed more. King states that this is the lead character for Watch Dogs 2, and that the game will be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs 2 New Protagonist

It is clear this information was not supposed to get out as King has since set his profile to private but the damage has already been done. A change in protagonist would not hurt the game and one of the developers has already stated details about taking the game in new directions to which a change in protagonist would assist.

Expect an official reveal of Watch Dogs 2 to be made at E3 in June, and don’t be surprised if Watch Dogs 2 is replacing Assassin’s Creed for the year to focus more on this game.

In regards to Aiden Pearce if he does not return for this game then that is no big loss, after the first game I feel his story has been told and he has no real continuation in story to follow up on.

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