8 hidden PS4 features only pros know about [Sponsored Post]

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Have you ever wondered how you could play games on your PlayStation and appear offline? What about the need to play your games at high volume without bringing the entire house down with the noise? If you don’t know that your PS4 has pro features like this, then you have no idea at all what your console can do for you.

PS4 comes with so many hidden features that a lot of common users are yet to discover. These features are meant to make all your gaming sessions memorable by helping you adjust things to your liking while playing.

Once you discover and use them, it will shock you to realize how much you have been missing out on. It’s now time to discover eight little-known PS4 features you didn’t know about.

The PS Vita can serve as an extra controller

If your buddy comes over and you don’t have an extra controller, The PS Vita can be used as an extra DualShock 4 controller. By using Remote Play, it pushes the PS Vita to take charge of the PS4 without disconnecting local input or switching off your TV if it was on.

Just connect your Vita through Remote Play and hand your buddy the PS Vita as a controller. The Vita acts as player one and the actual controller as player 2.

You can adjust the controller’s bar brightness

You may have noticed that your controller runs out of battery fast, or maybe the light strains your eyes too. It can’t be completely disabled because your PS4 camera uses it for facial recognition. However, it can be adjusted.

Press the PS button and select ‘Adjust Devices’ then adjust the LED brightness to your liking. It will also save you an hour or two of your battery’s life.

There is a trophy cabinet!

If you are a completionist and can’t wait to compare your trophy achievements with those of your friends, the PS4 trophies cabinet is something you will fancy.

PS4 is designed with the understanding that there is a competitive edge to gamers. Inside that trophy cabinet, there is a feature that updates you on the percentage of people who have unlocked a certain achievement, and a global scoreboard to keep you busy.

Wired headphones can be made wireless

Well, not physically wireless. You would have to chop the wire off, but there is another way. Use the DualShock 4 controller. It has a standard 3.55mm headphone jack to use with standard headphones.

There is a default setting for chat audio-only which can be changed. Hold the PS button down and select Adjust Devices > Output to headphones > All audio. The output will move from the TV speakers to your headphones.

You can play from anywhere

What if you are gaming and someone else wants to watch TV? With Sony’s Remote Play function, you don’t have to stop midway. Download the Remote Play App for PC or Mac and follow the setup instructions. Then connect to your PS4 if it is directly in range. If you are too far away, connect through Wi-Fi instead.

There is an ‘appear offline’ feature

This feature was included by Sony two years after PS4’s release after numerous requests from antisocial PS gamers and those who just wanted to occasionally play in privacy for their own reasons.

Select Quick menu > Online status > Appear offline. You can now enjoy your game without worrying that someone will see you online.

Spotify while you play

This might sound ridiculous but it is a fact – and it is free. Originally, users spent $10 a month for a PlayStation Music subscription. Now, you can play Spotify via PS4’s music app free of any charge.

This works if you have a Spotify account. After setting up and connecting the account, download the PlayStation Music App, log in to Spotify and enjoy music while you play.

Show off your skills live

Sony lets you do that at a small scale on your PS4. Live gaming broadcasts are adored by fans, with people traveling from all over the world to watch professional gamers battle it out.

By pressing the Share button, you can stream to either Ustream, Twitch, or YouTube Live. You can also add video and audio from your PlayStation camera, and also display comments from viewers.


The pro features you have just discovered will make gaming on your PS4 even more enjoyable. No more wondering how to play without waking the entire household with noise, you can make your headphones ‘wireless.’

As for the people you don’t want to know you are playing games, appear offline and they will never know you binge-gamed for hours. With these PS4 pro features at your disposal, your gaming experience will feel alive once again.


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