Top 10 Video Game Monsters That Wouldn’t Be Out of Place in Elden Ring

Epic in scope and punishing in difficulty, open world adventure title Elden Ring has quickly become one of the fastest-selling and highest-reviewed titles of all time. Like previous FromSoftware titles Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, Elden Ring has received particular praise for the unique designs of its monsters and bosses. From towering tyrants to unknowable eldritch beings, Elden Ring’s monsters are as fun to look at as they are frustrating to fight.

Here are ten other video game monsters that could easily make their home in the Lands Between – plus a look at what their Elden Ring boss title might be!

10. The Burger King – Sneak King

Monster 10
Hail to the King

This plastic-faced monarch of fast food has appeared in a ‘Whopper’-ing number of tie-in games over the years – but none so terrifying as Sneak King, a stealth title for the Xbox and Xbox 360 in which the titular king has to sneakily deliver various food items to poor unsuspecting passerbys. With his tall stature, gaudy outfit, and trademark rictus grin, the Burger King would make for an absolutely terror-inducing boss – plus, as a king, he would fit right in with the high fantasy aesthetic of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Boss Title: The King Who Never Stops Smiling

9. The Caretaker – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone

Monster 9
Not of this world – or any world

Most of the monsters in The Witcher series are bizarre but ultimately identifiable creatures – demons, vampires, giant insects, and more. Not so much the Caretaker. This scarred, eyeless creature, who is encountered guarding the von Everec estate in the game’s Hearts of Stone expansion, is completely new even to seasoned monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher’s reaction to the silent and menacing being is a blunt, rather straightforward “What the f*** is that?” Even the Bestiary entry for the creature admits that nobody knows what the Caretaker is – but it sure is terrifying.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Caretaker, Silent Warden of the Estate

8. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu – Resident Evil: Village

Monster 8
To be honest, ANY game would be better with more Lady D

Few bosses in FromSoftware’s catalog are particularly humanoid, but those that are tend to establish their imposing presence by standing significantly taller than the player character. Resident Evil Village’s bloodsucking matriarch, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, also known as the Internet’s beloved “Tall Vampire Lady,” would fit right in. She’d make a challenging multi-stage boss fight, and could even bring along her equally creepy vampiric “daughters” to serve as mini-boss encounters.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Vampire Progenitor Dimitrescu & Vampire Daughters

7. Simone the Opera Boss – Nier: Automata

Monster 7
An absolutely killer sense of fashion

Many bosses in Elden Ring and other “Souls-like” games are defined by their commitment to an overarching theme, such as ‘Corruption’ or ‘Disease.’ Nier Automata’s Simone, a cannibalistic opera diva who entrances and devours other androids in her eternal quest for beauty, would make a perfect addition to this category. Plus, she’s already a fairly difficult boss in her home game, so she’s more than ready to challenge players in the world of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Devouring Aria Simone

6. Chernabog – Kingdom Hearts

Monster 6
Reminder: This guy and WINNIE THE POOH are in the same game. Somehow

Rather out of place amidst the cheerful Disney worlds of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, winged shadow demon Chernabog would fit in a lot better in Elden Ring. He’s got glowing eyes, giant bat wings, and is trapped from the knees down in a continuously erupting volcano – and did I mention his absolutely killer theme music, a memorable remix of Fantasia’s “Night on Bald Mountain” that will be getting increasingly stuck in players’ heads as they lose to him again and again?

Elden Ring Boss Title: Chernabog, Herald of Walpurgis Night

5.  Hegemon Husk – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Monster 5
All that remains of her revenge

Looming over her enemies, the Hegemon Husk represents the last, desperate stand of a would-be conqueror teetering on the brink of defeat – and what could be more medieval high fantasy than that? With her metal-stone hybrid body, creepily extended arms, and outstretched metallic “wings,” some fans of Fire Emblem argue that the design of the Hegemon Husk was inspired by the Dark Souls series in the first place.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Corrupted Husk Edelgard

4. The Xenomorph – Alien: Isolation

Monster 4
Yup. Still terrifying.

Consistently topping pretty much any “Scariest Video Game Monsters” list, this classic horror movie creature makes arguably its scariest appearance yet in the bone-chilling Alien: Isolation. Playing this game is an exercise in sustained tension, as there is little the player can do to actually combat the xenomorph and they must focus on avoiding it at all costs. Adding it to Elden Ring as a boss – or even worse, a recurring monster spawn – could give players some catharsis as they finally get the chance to conquer this creature for good.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Lurking Nightmare Xenomorph

3. The Amalgamates – Undertale

Monster 3
Yup. Still pettable.

Elden Ring and similar titles are known for bosses and monsters that don’t quite play by the usual rules of biology. Too many arms, mouths that open just a little too wide, eyes where they aren’t supposed to be…well, you get the idea. The Amalgamates, experimental monsters created by fusing together existing Undertale monsters, fit neatly into this category. They look scary enough in the minimalist pixel art style of Undertale…imagine these nightmares lovingly rendered in full color by the Elden Ring team!

Elden Ring Boss Titles: The Forgotten Creations

2. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

Monster 2
Imagine fighting THIS in a Dark Souls-style battle

Like many other antagonists in the Silent Hill series, Pyramid Head is part-monster, part-nightmare, part-metaphor about deeply rooted psychological issues. If transplanted into Elden Ring, this hulking brute could be repurposed to symbolize the utter futility of players repeatedly trying to conquer nearly unbeatable enemies and getting only the tiniest bit closer each time they try. Also, Elden Ring has already got a type of monster called the Pumpkin Head, who could definitely be great friends with Pyramid Head if they ever met.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Pyramid Head, the Dread Executioner

1. The Great Mighty Poo – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Monster 1
Alternately: your pants when an Elden Ring boss literally scares the crap out of you

Elden Ring has already got pretty much everything it needs to be darn near perfect. I mean, it’s got glowing review scores praising everything from the world design to the combat system to the deep backstory and lore.

But you know the one thing Elden Ring DOESN’T have?

A giant, singing pile of poo that attacks by throwing pieces of itself at the player, while simultaneously performing an opera number and devouring hapless kernels of Sweet Corn, who you can only defeat by flushing it.

If the Great Mighty Poo was added as a boss to Elden Ring, I think it would have easily earned a score of 100 from even the harshest of critics. It is, truly, the one thing that this near-perfect game is missing.

Elden Ring Boss Title: Malodorous Emission, Mighty Lord Poo

Do you think these ten video game bosses and monsters would make good additions to Elden Ring? Are there any other ones you’d like to see added to this list? Comment below and let us know!


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