A couple of small tidbits about Splatoon

Popular Japanese Publication Famitsu has shared a couple of small details about Splatoon in a new update. Within this information the control scheme is shown a long with a couple of other small tidbits, you can find the information compiled below:

Left Stick – Movement
ZL – ‘Squid’ (only while pushed)
Gyro Sensor (Aim – can be turned off)
Right Stick – Look left & right. Push in for Special Weapon.
R – Sub Weapon
ZR – Ink Shot
X – Jump
Y – Camera Reset

– Squid form is faster than human form, but can’t move outside of ink
– Jump is more or less the same for both human and squid forms, but while moving through your own color ink, you can jump further
– Can reach places you can’t in human form
– These include places that might prove vital in winning

The next Splatoon update will be in the March 5 issue of Famitsu. We’ll hear more about the Octarians.

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