Have you been wanting to see more from Captain Toad, and see him appear in many different games, well that is the wish from Nintendo’s Koichi Hayashida when he had a short interview with GamesMaster. Along with this he also shared his thoughts on wanting to see Captain Toad within Mario Kart something honestly I am surprised has not happened as he is different from regular Toad. Here are his responses to the questions asked:

When asked what he foresees in the future for Captain Toad, Hayashida said:

At this stage we don’t know. I personally want to see him featured in a variety of games. I’ve even ‘secretly’ emailed the director of Mario Kart to see if he’d consider including Captain Toad, but I haven’t heard back from him yet!

Director Shinya Hiratake also answered the same question. His thoughts are as follows:

Through the development of this game I’ve grown even fonder of Captain Toad. he can’t jump, and struggles to defeat his opponents, but it’s precisely that he is not a powerful character that he can show us his unique take on all these situations. as a developer of his game, and one of his fans, I look forward to seeing where he goes next.

Well hopefully the future is bright for our explorer Toad and he gets many appearances in the future because he is a good character.

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