A few new Hyrule Warriors details

Since Hyrule Warriors was announced last year during a Nintendo Direct I have been holding out for further details on the game, not that it looked bad but it didn’t provide anything really to offer, as a Zelda fan it had that going for it and the gameplay certainly piqued my interest but I have still been wanting more details, well me now have a touch more details on the game courtesy of Japanese magazine Famitsu they are nothing special but they do give us a little bit more details on what to expect story wise, and before you see the small list you will already know one of the main goals of the game, think what Link does in almost every Zelda game that a specific character is in and you will know.

Here is the list of just announced details:

– Premium box will be available for at least 10,000 yen (exact amount unknown)
– Retail release is at least 7,000 yen (exact amount unknown)
– Digital release is at least 6,000 yen (exact amount unknown)
– Producers: Hisashi Koinuma, Yosuke Hayashi
– Supervisor: Eiji Aonuma
– Developers: ω-Force / Team NINJA
– Link sets off to rescue Princess Zelda
– Zelda has been kidnapped by the evil witch Shia
– Link, Impa, Shia introduced in the magazine
– Some of Shia’s minions shown as well
– Shia might be under control of a force of dark magic (not clear)
– Locations include Hyrule Field
– Will have unexpected playable characters

As I said nothing substantial has been announced, and to be honest I could really do with a new trailer but at least it is something even if one of the details is the biggest cliché in the Zelda franchise, hopefully soon we will get something much more substantial as E3 is literally just around the corner.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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