A glitch that makes characters giant has been discovered in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS

We are not new to glitches in our games and I am sure that there are still plenty of them hidden in games that are still sitting in the deepest darkest corner that none of us dare venture. But of when we think about glitches there are two kinds to think of, there are the bad game breaking ones which we dread and then the amusing ones which we try to exploit to either shortcut a game or to just be amused. Even more amusing since the Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS launched in Japan a few weeks ago we have seen two very notable and interesting glitches. One of the most known glitches in the game thus far revolves around players receiving a ban from Online play for playing as Peach, so Peach fans have had to ditch their princess of choice and leave her to cry like a virus in a corner.

That is just one of two revealed glitches but even more interesting is the newest found glitch in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS. Apparently if you go to Multi Man Brawl and bring in Yoshi and keep using the attack whereyou put into eggs the opponent will keep emerging bigger and bigger until you have a character who is literally bigger then the screen. After other tests the person who found this glitch has confirmed that this only seems to work in Multi Man brawl and only with Yoshi. What I find interesting about this glitch is just how random it would have been to find but it would have been amusing. I will let you know if any more glitches are revealed in Super Smash Brothers.

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