I am sure there are many of you who are really excited for Mario Kart 8. If your not well I am surprised as the game is sounding really good. If you are one of these people who are really looking forward to this game then you will be excited by a possible Wii U bundle for those who still need to purchase a Wii U. According to a listing on a French game blog we could be seeing a Mario Kart 8 bundle hitting the streets for the games release. Nintendo themselves have made no official word on whether this is really going to happen but personally I think this will be  great idea.

If this bundle does exist then it will contain standard old black Wii U Premium–that’s the one with 32GB of storage–a copy of the game, and a one week trial of Nintendo’s Wii U Karaoke app.


Given that Nintendo has often shown faith in its console bundles to drive sales of the Mario Kart games I do believe that this will happen. People will clamour into stores to buy this bundle because they love Mario Kart and love t play it with their families. I am not saying this is real but it would be a great thing for this to be real as it might just drive sales for the Wii U and they desperately need it.

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